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Database design and exams section 9 quiz answers & ilearning quiz answers for database design english quizzes and exams

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Section 9 Quiz (Answer all questions in this section)

  1.   When mapping supertypes, relationships at the supertype level transform as usual. Relationships at subtype level are implemented as foreign keys, but the foreign key columns all become mandatory. True or False?
False (*)

  2.   Which of the following is a valid reason for considering a Subtype Implementation?
Most of the relationships are at the supertype level.   
The resulting table will reside in a single database and be used by just ONE user.  
The common access paths for the supertypes are different.  
Business functionality, business rules, access paths, and frequency of access are all very different between the subtypes. (*)

  3.   The "Arc Implementation" is a synonym for what type of implementation?
Supertype Implementation   
Subtype Implementation  
Cascade Implementation   
Supertype and Subtype Implementation (*)

  4.   Foreign keys cannot be null when
It refers to another table  
It refers to the same table  
It contains three or more columns  
It is part of a primary key (*)

  5.   The explanation below is an example of which constraint type?
If the value in the balance column of the ACCOUNTS table is below 100, we must send a letter to the account owner which will require extra programming to enforce.    
User-defined integrity (*)   
Entity integrity  
Referential integrity  
Column integrity

  6.   A table must have a primary key. True or False?
False (*)

  7.   The explanation below is an example of which constraint type?
The value in the dept_no column of the EMPLOYEES table must match a value in the dept_no column in the DEPARTMENTS table.  
Referential integrity (*)  
Column integrity  
User-defined integrity  
Entity integrity

  8.   In a physical data model, an entity becomes a _____________.
Table (*)

  9.   The conceptual model is transformed into a physical model. The physical implementation will be a relational database. True or False?
True (*)  

  10.   In an Oracle database, why would 1_TABLE not work as a table name?
There is no problem here. You can create a table called 1_TABLE.  
TABLE is a reserved word.  
The database does not understand all capital letters.  
Object names must not start with a number. They must begin with a letter. (*)

11.   The Physical model is created by transforming which of the following models?
Conceptual (*)  

  12.   The Oracle Database can implement a many to many relationship. You simply create two foreign keys between the two tables. True or False?
False (*)

  13.   One-to-One relationships are transformed into Foreign Keys in the tables created at either end of that relationship. True or False?
False (*)

  14.   One-to-One relationships are transformed into Check Constraints in the tables created at either end of that relationship. True or False?
False (*)

  15.   In a physical model, many to many relationships are resolved via a structure called a(n): ________________
Intersection Table (*)  
Intersection Entity

Lanjutan... Database Design Final Exam Quiz

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